CFoB goes from strength to strength’, says Anne Main MP

This week, St Albans MP Anne Main chaired the Conservative Friends of Bangladesh (CFoB) AGM in parliament. The CFoB have been running for over 10 years and work to build closer relations between British Bangladeshis and the conservative party through political activism and humanitarian support.

The CFoB have been campaigning all across the country for the recent local elections and have continued their charitable and humanitarian activity, with a strong focus on the Rohingya refugee crisis in southern Bangladesh.

The AGM was attended by an MP from Bangladesh.  Syeda Saira Mohsin MP, on a visit to the UK, was delighted to attend the meeting. The MP was presented with a House of Commons plague on behalf of the CFoB.

Anne Main, president of the CFoB said, ‘I am so incredibly proud of the good work the CFoB are doing. They have travelled all over England helping local candidates and I have no doubt they made a real difference on election day.’

Mrs Main continued, ‘The recent success of our Project Shapla trip to Bangladesh in September 2017 has been another highlight for the CFoB. Our visit to the Rohingya refugee camps and the stories we have been able to recount to Ministers have no doubt had an impact on the major financial aid the UK has given to the crisis since August. The CFoB and our sponsors deserve huge credit for that.’

‘The CFoB has gone from strength to strength’ Mrs Main said. ‘My thanks goes to all of those hard working activists that have made the CFoB what it is today. With over 400 members and branches across the country - I know the group will continue to make a positive impact on the British Bangladeshi community here and the people of Bangladesh in the years ahead.